Your Session Process


Once your session is booked, it is my goal to make the entire process as easy and enjoyable for you as possible. We can talk over the phone or meet in person to go over everything you need to know, and, more importantly, so that you can tell me your story. I want to get to know you. What makes your heart sing? What is the most important thing in your life? It helps us connect, and it helps us together create a session perfect for you.

Your Session

On the day of your session, whether on location or in my studio, I want to do all of the work for you. This is why the Consultation is so important. You know what to expect, what to bring, and what to do before you come. You can relax and let go. I’ve got this!

Viewing & Ordering Session

The Viewing and Ordering Session is scheduled typically three weeks after your session. You will go home from your session with the Investment Guide. At home you can look over it before we sit down together. You can discuss the options, make a plan, and set a budget. When you come back for the session we will sit down together to experience your images from your session on the big screen. You will see sample Heirloom Art pieces and we will go over the Investment Guide together to help you find what will best celebrate your images and look stunning in your home.

This is the only ordering session that will take place, so it is very important to come prepared. Look around your home. Take measurements of your walls. You can even bring in pictures of your space so that I can truly help you, as an expert, create an amazing design for your home.

Every decision maker involved needs to attend the session. There will only be one Viewing and Ordering Session, so decisions must be made that day. Please expect that the session could take up to 2 hours. It is just as important to me as it is to you that everything is perfect.

Choosing Your Images

Complete your custom collection with 2 steps.

1. Choose an Heirloom Art Piece.
A. Wall Art (16×20 or larger) – begins at $175
B. Album (20 or more images) – begin at $400

2. Choose Digital Negatives.
A. All Files (full resolution) – $695
B. All Files (low res – printable to 8×10) – $450
C. Individual Files (full resolution) – $100 each


With your USB drive of purchased digital negatives you receive a print release for personal use. I also upload your images to my print fulfillment site ( which links to my professional lab. Only purchased images will be uploaded to this site for ordering.

My printing lab is a pro-level lab, so they will match the color calibration information in the files and properly print them. They will provide you with printed products up to 11x14 that are archival quality. The prices are competitive with other consumer labs and they ship right to your front door. Easy! Plus you can share the site and password with others who might want to see and order prints, and they can order what they like without you doing any more work for them.

If you choose to print on your own remember that where you print will affect the quality as all printers are not equal and use their own profiles. Choose wisely.

Gift Print Pricing

Size Lustre Matte
8 wallets $11.00
3.5x5 $3.00
4x5 $4.00 $6.00
4x6 $4.00 $6.00
5x7 $6.00 $8.00
8x10 $11.00 $15.00
8.5x11 $19.00
8x12 $19.00 $26.00
11x14 $22.00 $33.00

Order Pick Up

I probably get more excited than my friends to see our images come into the studio, whether printed on beautiful Premium Gallery Wrapped Canvas or framed in simple glory. I will call you when your order is ready to be picked up. This time varies, but orders of Custom Heirloom Art are typically ready in 4 weeks.

Referral Program

My goal is to create an experience for you that is so amazing and fun that you can’t help but tell everyone about it! I’ve created a Referral Program so that you feel my gratitude for telling your friends about me. I will give you this information at your Viewing and Ordering Appointment, or you can send me a message if you just can’t wait!


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